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Ayla (Aqaba)

 Ayla (Aqaba)

Ayla is an original ancient town that rose to prominence during rule of the Ancient Roman Empire. Ruins of Ayla are situated North- West of a modern day Aqaba city center. Name of Aqaba come from the ancient "Aqabat Ayla" or "Passage Ayla". Over the centuries the city lost part of its name.






Location: Aqaba



Description of Ayla

Ayla (Aqaba)  Ayla (Aqaba)  Aqaba

According to local legends Ayla was originally found around 1000 BC during rule of king Solomon. It grew in size and prosperity during Roman presence. However it became an important hub for Middle Eastern trade during Medieval period during Muslim rule. The city was taken by the Arab forces around 650 AD. Due to its strategic location Aqaba Ayla was important for both land sea trade with countries of Europe, Asia and Africa. Between 8th and 9th century it became an important rest stop for thousands of pilgrims who were heading for Mecca.


Medieval Ayla was extensively uncovered during 19th and 20th century, revealing old city walls, city gates and several mosques. Although parts of the city remain hidden to this day. Artifacts that were discovered here are kept in the Aqaba Archeological Museum located nearby.








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