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First Bay North (Aqaba)

First Bay North (Aqaba)

First Bay North is the starting point of diving on the south coast of Aqaba. It is famous for fantastic coral reef that is spread across the gentle slope of the coastal zone at a depth of 12- 30 meters below surface. It is a favorite diving site due to its close location to the diving center, which provides a full range of services, accompanied by comfort, quality and traditional Middle Eastern hospitality.


Location: Aqaba




First Bay North (Aqaba)

The mild climate and ocean currents of the Gulf of Aqaba (part of Red Sea) have created favorable conditions for the formation of the coral reefs of various shapes and colors. Coral forests create beautiful setting for life of great diversity of fishes, crustaceous and other creatures. You can dive here by herself or with a qualified instructors. Coral reefs of the First Bay North site is particularly mysterious and beautiful during night diving. Many creatures begin their day during dark hours. Furthermore many corals make water glow from multiple florescent bacteria.









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