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New Canyon Tank Wreck (Aqaba)

New Canyon Tank Wreck (Aqaba)



Location: Aqaba Gulf




Description of New Canyon or Oliver Canyon

New Canyon Tank Wreck (Aqaba)  New Canyon Tank Wreck (Aqaba)

New Canyon or Oliver Canyon is one of the most interesting destinations for diving in Aqaba Gulf (part of Red Sea) on the south shores of Aqaba. Its main attraction is a World War II American tank "Walker Bulldog" that was deliberately sunk to a depth of five meters below sea level. Due to the temperature climate and gentle sea currents Tank Wreck was naturally covered by corals of various coloration. In fact New Canyon tank is virtually unrecognizable today due to numerous corals that cover it today. Don't try to stick any body parts in a futile attempt to open a hatch or get inside. First of all you won't be able to do it and secondly it is inhabited by a moray eel that is not very friendly.








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