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Rainbow Reef (Aqaba)






Location: Aqaba Gulf




Description of the Rainbow Reef


Rainbow Reef is one of the most popular diving sites in Aqaba Marine Park. It is particular famous for its night dives. Rainbow Reef gets its name from colorful corals that grow in cluster, creating multicolored rainbow of colors. Divers in Rainbow Reef are allowed to swim in the upper layers of water at the depth no deeper than 18 meters. Telecommunications cables are laid in the deep ravines and should be avoided. Rainbow Reef are famous for its night dives, when corals and crustaceous begin their hunting during dark hours of the day. Fluorescent bacteria give Rainbow Reef unique glow that is only visible at night. It is highly advisable that novice divers should get special courses before diving in the region. Additionally getting a qualified instructor for supervision might also be a good idea.









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