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Karak Castle

Karak Castle



Hours: 8am- 6pm
Winter: 8am- 4pm 





History of Karak Castle

Karak Castle was once part of the Kingdom of Jerusalem at the time then crusaders held a grip of much of this area. Karak Castle was designed to protect the lands of Holy Land from the Muslim armies. In the movie “ The Kingdom of Heaven” (2005) Karnak Castle was attacked by the armies of Saladin. The structure is well researched and many ruins have signs that indicate purpose and former significance of each. Some parts of Karak Castle are devout of light so bring your flashlight if you want to explore the underground rooms of the castle. A hilltop where crusaders found their citadel is about 1000 meters above sea level and surrounded on three sides by a valley that serve as natural defences against enemy attacks. It is no surprise that the location was inhabited since the Iron Age. However Karak Castle ruins belong to the Crusaders’ time then it was build in the 1140’s under leadership of Paganus, the butler of Kings Fulk. The conflict with the Saladin’s army was initiated largely due to attacks that Raynald of Chatillon (proud owner since 1176) waged against Muslim caravans and even an attempt to march to Mecca. And although Hollywood movies are a bad teacher of history in “Kingdom of Heaven” (2005) Raynald is played by Brendan Gleeson. This resulted in 1183 siege laid by Saladin. Accidentally wedding was planned around the time between Raynald’s son Humphrey IV of Toron and Isabella of Jerusalem. Saladin agreed not to target their chambers with siege weapons giving a couple some privacy while blasting the rest of Karak Castle. King Baldwin IV with his army came to the rescue, but the time of the Crusaders was running out. They lost Karak Castle to the Saladin in 1189.




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