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Location: Johor and Pahang  Map

Area: 870 kmĀ²

Endau Rompin National Park

Endau Rompin National Park






Description of Endau Rompin National Park


Endau Rompin National Park is a nature reserve that stretches across Johor and Pahang provinces of Malaysia. It covers a total area of 870 sq km of virgin rainforest of the Tenasserim Hills. The name of Endau Rompin National Park is taken after two large rivers that flow through the park, Endau and Rompin. It contained several species of large mammals you should be aware. One of the most dangerous animals here is a Sumatran rhinoceros. Its eyesight is not very well developed so they might attack humans and objects without a warning. Endau Rompin National Park is inhabited by indigenous peoples of Orang Asli. They can tell you numerous stories and legends about appearance of local waterfalls that are popular with the visitors. This include Batu Hampar, Buaya Sangkut, Upeh Guling and many others. The park is closed to the public between November and March due to a season of monsoon that makes this region too dangerous for tourists that visit the park. Fishing is allowed in the park except months of September and October when many species of local fishes spawn.





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