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Gunung Ledang

Gunung Ledang








Gunung Ledang or Mount Ledang (also known as Mount Ophir) is a mountain located in Tangkak District, Johor, Malaysia. Located near a small town of Asahan, Malacca. At 1,276 meters high, Mount Ledang is the highest mountain in the southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. If you are on this sunny day, one can clearly see the Straits of Malacca and Sumatra, Indonesia.

Mount Ledang is believed to be one of the most endangered forests of rare plant species anywhere in the world. It has the Dipterocarp Forest forests and the Dipterocarp forests. At the top of this mountain there is a TV and radio transmitting station. The transmitting station here is dedicated to the people of North Johor, Malacca, southwestern Pahang and southern parts of Negeri Sembilan. For RTM TV the Mount Ledang transmission station is dedicated to residents in Kluang, Batu Pahat, Muar and Tangkak districts in Johor and Jasin, Malacca. For other areas in Malacca RTM TV broadcasts received broadcasts from Mount Tampin and Mount Telapa Burok. For radio broadcasts, the FM transmitter is intended for listeners throughout the State of Malacca, Tangkak, Muar, Batu Pahat and Kluang districts in Johor, southwest of Pahang such as Keratong and southern parts of Negeri Sembilan such as Tampin, Gemencheh, Gemas, Kota and parts of Jempol. . There are also two transmitting stations dedicated to Negeri Sembilan East that radiate from Mount Ledang. The record goes to the eastern part of Negeri Sembilan for state FM broadcast. Likewise, a Johor FM radio channel is being transmitted to Segamat, Tangkak, Muar and Kluang areas.

Mount Ledang is usually associated with one legend, the legend of Princess Ledang Mountain.



The origin of the name
There are several popular opinions regarding the origin of this mountain name. According to one view, ancient history shows that Mount Ledang was a place of rich pastures that attracted traders as far as Greece and China. In the 14th century, Israeli sailors traveling through the Straits of Malacca called the mountain 'Rael' which means 'Cake Mountain'. probably from the Hokkien or Taiwanese words: kim, or in the character 金 meaning cake and sua, or the character 山 means mountain. Another source says that the Javanese people during the reign of the Pahit and Masin empires named the mountain 'Gunong Ledang', meaning 'mountain far' or 'distant mountain'.





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