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Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park

Bundala National Park is located in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka. This national preserve covers an area of 6,216 hectares (24 sq mi).




Location: Southern Province     Map

Area: 6,216 hectares (24 sq mi)

Entrance Fee: Adult $8.40

Children: $4.20




Destinations in Bundala National Park


Bundala National Park is situated on the south island of Sri Lanka this national reserve harbors 197 birds including Greater Flamingo that live in the wetlands. Many bird species come to Bundala National Park to nest from North regions of Asia as far as Siberia. They spend months from August to April. It is also home to several species of large animals like Asian elephants, giant squirrels, crocodiles and many others. The best way to explore the jungles of the reserve is by renting a jeep that costs about 2500- 3000 Rupees, depending on your negotiation skills. The beach area of the national park are frequent site for turtles who come to lay their eggs. This includes leatherbacks, loggerhead, greem and olive ridley marine turtles.






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