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Dambulla Cave Temple


Dambulla Cave Temple is situated 72 km North of Kandy near village of Dambulla. It is the most impressive religious complex in Sri Lanka. Although there are over 80 recorded caves spread around the are, the five caves cut in the solid mountain are certainly the most interesting.




Location: 72 km North of Kandy    Map

Constructed: 1st century BC- 13th century AD




Description of Dambulla Cave Temple


The earliest signs of human activity in Dambulla Cave Temple in the 1st century BC and in the next two millennia the temple is increased in size and decorations become more elaborated. Today it has the largest collection of Buddha statues. The walls of the cave is adorned with wall paintings that depict life of Buddha. His birth, renunciation of royal life and family, enlightenment, seven weeks after enlightenment, first sermon read and bliss of Nirvana. Many of the paintings were restored in the 18th century by a dynasty of artists living in the vicinity of Dambulla. The temple was renovated during reign of king Nissanka Malla in the 12th century also ordered 73 statues of Buddha to be covered by gold. From this point one the site became known as the Golden Cave Temple. Dambulla Cave Complex site is under protection of UNESCO.










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