Aleika Castle (قلعة العليقة)


Location: 85 km from Tartous

Found: 12th century


Aleika Castle is situated 85 km from Tartous in Syria. Constructed in the 12th century it was a fortress of Ismaeli Arabs. However judging by the Latin inscriptions inside the castles it was briefly held by the crusaders. Today much of the structure lies in ruins. There have been few local archaeological excavations so locals occasionally find small items from the medieval times that they are willing to sell to few tourists that visit the site.


The castle has two walls, one within the other, and thus the castle becomes a castle within which the towers and arches are distributed over it, but part of it is destroyed over time, and its main gate was clearly defined until recently. The castle contains a mosque whose walls were destroyed, leaving only the arches crossed together, which are based on pillars beside it, another water well carved into the rock, and it can expand in a conical shape. There is also another water well carved into the rock near the bathroom, and the bath is considered one of the most important monuments in the castle and is located in the west side,