Bani Qahtan Castle (بني قحطان)


Location: 40 km from Lattakia Map

Found: 12th century


Description of Bani Qahtan Castle

Ruins of medieval Bani Qahtan Castle is situated 40 km from Lattakia in Syria. Bani Qahtan Castle was constructed in the 12th century. The castle was a stronghold of Ismaeli Arabs. In 1188 it was captured by legendary Muslim leader Salaheddin Al-Ayoubi. Much of the castle lies in ruins today. Parts of its walls and structures were broken to reuse to build local structures.


Around 1131, it was taken over by mountain people, until Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi seized it , then the castle was neglected because of its lack of military importance, and some think it is the Emir’s palace or military commander. More From being a castle. Recently, the castle regained some importance, and the Ministry of Tourism took care of it , given its tourist location near the Valley of the Kings . It is noted that there are some houses on the campus of the castle, and the presence of agricultural activity on its lands, which caused the destruction of a large part of the castle.

Bani Qahtan fort (village and resort)
The resort town is located near the wonderful castle built Qahtan and gained the town name of them, follow the terms of the letter Almsterh area Qerdaha province of Latakia . Bani Qahtan Castle is characterized by a picturesque nature and a distinguished enchanting location and the presence of a pure groundwater spring and wonderful mountains and forests .