Bourzey Castle aka Mirza Castle (قلعة ميرزا)

Bourzey Castle aka Mirza Castle




Location: 25 km from Jeser Alshghur  Map

Found: 11th century


Description of Bourzey Castle


Bourzey Castle also known locally as Mirza Castle is located 25 km from Jeser Alshghur in Syria. The fortress was found in the 11th century on top of a strategic hill at elevation of 450 meters overlooking Ghab valley below. Bourzey Castle was one of the last attempts by the Byzantines to secure the area for themselves. Eventually they lost these lands along with a line of fortifications to the Arabs. Ayyubids added several towers to defend their lands from their former masters. Later Bourzey Castle was transferred to the Mamelouks reconstructed damaged military fortifications and added their own, Southern Tower this stronghold. Eventually this citadel was abandoned due to changing military tactics and inventions. The castle was abandoned, but due to its remoteness it wasn't completely quarried for stone. Many of underground chambers still can be accessed by the visitors. Keep in mind, though, that this is a very old structure. It might be slippery and cave ins are always a possibility. Explore underground structures at your own risk.