Qal'at Ja'bar (قلعة جعبر)

Qal'at Ja'bar


Location: Lake Assad, Ar- Raqqah Governorate Map


History of Qal'at Ja'bar

Qal'at Ja'bar is a medieval stronghold on the left side of the Lake Assad, Ar- Raqqah Governorate in Syria. Castle stands on a small island with connection to the mainland via a man made causeway. The site of Qal'at Ja'bar was occupied since the ancient times, but the current citadel was constructed in the 11th century by the Banu Numayr tribe. The Crusaders briefly captured the defenses, but they soon lost it. Imad ad-Din Zengi besieged Qal'at Ja'bar, but he was killed by his own servants. His son Nur ad- Din Zangi took over his father's throne and started reconstruction of military defenses. They were heavily damaged during Mongol invasion of the middle 13th century and early 14th century. Although walls and towers were soon restored to defend the garrison against future attacks. The castle was eventually abandoned and it fell in disrepair. Reconstruction of the defenses and archaeological digs began in 1965.