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Ta Cu Mountain





Location: 18 mi (30 km) South of Phan Thief, Binh Thuan province

Info: (062) 386 7484



Description of Ta Cu Mountain

Ta Cu Mountain is situated 18 mi (30 km) South of Phan Thief in Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province of Vietnam. This nature reserve is covered by a network by hiking trails and beautiful views. Tu Cu Mountain is famous for its giant statue of Reclining Buddha. Ta Cu Mountain was considered sacred by local population for centuries. In the 18th century Vietnamese emperor ordered construction of Sean Tho pagoda to honor Buddhist monk who saved his wife. Later small Buddhist temple began to grow as more monks flocked to Ta Cu Mountain. Monks built new living quarters, statues of Buddhist and graves of deceased brethren. Obviously its largest landmark is a massive statue of a Reclining Buddha in the Ta Cu Mountain. It is white, it is huge, you can't miss it.

Reclining Buddha in the Ta Cu Mountain


Location: Phan Thiet

The main landmark in a town of Phan Thiet is a religious Buddhist complex with several ancient pagodas ana large statue of Reclining Buddha. This massive statue was constructed on Ta Cu Mountain in 1963- 66 despite a Vietnam war that went on in the region. Statue portrays Buddha who is about to enter nirvana. It measures forty-nine meters long and eleven meters high. Number 49 symbolized the number of steps of self- knowledge according to Buddhist teachings, while 11 is the number of stages of Buddhism.


Thousands of Buddhist pilgrims come here from various countries to this impressive statue. You can walk up a steep slope of Ta Cu Mountain, but it requires certain degree of stamina and strength. Most of them uses pathways and stairs that reach an elevation of 400 m, but you can also take a cable car that will take you to the summit of the mountain faster.


Ta Cu Pagoda


Another interesting destination on a Ta Cu Mountain is a Ta Cu Pagoda. It was constructed in the 19th century by Abbot Nguyen Huu Duc. This monk became famous for his wisdom and an alleged power to heal people who came for help. Many Buddhist pilgrims still come to Ta Cu Pagoda in hope of a miracle. During reconstruction of Ta Cu Pagoda pilgrims were asked to pick few bricks with them. On one hand they were promised remission of sins and on the other hand they helped deliver heavy stones fore reconstruction of the historic religious building.





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