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Bai Tu Long National Park


Bai Tu Long National Park protects an area around picturesque Bai Tu Long Bay that is probably one of the most beautiful places in Vietnam.




Location: Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea




Description of Bai Tu Long National Park



Bai Tu Long National Park is located on the shores of the Gulf of Tonkin in the South China Sea. The best way to explore the bay is by renting a motor boat that can take you to numerous islands (around 3000 in total) in the Bai Tu Long Bay. It is one of the most remarkable geologic formations in Vietnam. The name of Bai Tu Long Bay is derived from Vietnamese and can be translated as "the place where the dragon descended into the sea". Locals believed that legendary sea monster frequently comes to these waters and even climbs on the shores of the bay and multiple islands.


Local residents of Bai Tu Long Bay spend much of their time living on water either fishing or in floating houses that are build on small rafts. Many switched from more traditional ways of living to working for the growing tourist industry. The most civilized islands in the Bai Tu Long Bay is Tuan Chau Island that has modern facilities and should be considered if you want to spend some time here.


If you want to see more authentic Vietnamese islands you should head for Vung Vieng that is located in the center of the Bai Tu Long Bay. Due to its secluded location 24 km from the mainland it was preserved from tourist attention. Vietnamese fishermen lead their lifestyle the way they did for centuries without change.




Other notable islands include Mat Quy island that can be translated as a Monster Head due to its peculiar shape. It rises above waters of Bai Tu Long Bay at a height of 30- 35 meters. Erosion by water and wind shaped this picturesque island into a shape of a legendary sea monster that is rumored to venture into these waters.


Today Bai Tu Long Bay is protected by the government and officers of Bai Tu Long National Park. It was formed in 2001 due to unique biosphere that exists in the waters of Tonkin Bay. Marine biologists counted about 119 species of marine fishes and over 100 various species of corals that thrive here.




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