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Phong Nha Cave




Location: Quảng Bình province  Map




Description of Phong Nha Cave


Phong Nha Cave is situated in Quảng Bình province in Vietnam. Phong Nha Cave is the second largest underground system in the country after Son Doong Cave. It is designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular sites in Vietnam. Phong Nha Cave was formed by an underground Son river that carved a cave 7729 meters long with a total length of passages surpassing 44.5 kilometers. Tourists can enter a cave by taking a boat through an underground river deep into limestone caverns. However only 1500 meters are accessible to the public. It costs 80,000 VND (about 3.80 USD) to enter a cave and another 350,000 VND (about 16.80 USD) to rent a boat that can take about 14 people.



Duong Văn was the first Vietnamese to describe the Phong Nha Cave as early as 1550. Phong Nha was later depicted in nine urns in the city of Hue. In 1824, the name of the cave was changed to "Dieu Ung Chi than" (Han Tu: 妙 应 之 神) by King Minh Mang. It was also called "than Hien Linh" by kings of the Nguyen Dynasty (Han Tu: 神 显灵).

In the mid-1800s, French priest Léopold Michel Cadière conducted an expedition to explore Phong Nha. Here he discovered ancient inscriptions from the Champa dynasty. In 1924 it was declared by the English explorer "Barton" that the cave was unique and unparalleled among all the caves known to date.

However, the first part of the cave was officially discovered in 1992.




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