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Narachanski National Park

Narachanski National Park

Narachanski National Park is a nature preserve around lake Narach in Belarus. It was established on July 28 1999 to protect a biosphere around the lake and its wetlands. Narachanski National Park covers an area of 87,000 hectares.



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Area: 87,000 hectares





Description of Narachanski National Park

Narachanski National Park mapNarachanski National Park is a fairly popular Belorussian park with several lakes, rivers and patches of a virgin forest spread through the region. It offers a chance for horseback riding, hiking, camping, fishing, swimming and other activities. Visitor center for Narachanski National Park is located in a town of Naroch that stands on the shores of Naroch Lake.


Additionally Narachanski National Park contains several historic buildings. One of the oldest signs of human settlement is a small fortress on the island in the middle of the Myadel lake (Мядель) that date back to the 11th century.


Other notable buildings include Catholic Church of Our lady of the Scapular (17th century) in Myadel, Saint Andrew's Church in the village of Naroch, Saint Nicholas Church and a wooden church in the town of Svir, Carmelite Monastery (17th century) in the village Zasvir and many others. A network of well marked hiking trails is spread across Narachanski National Park. It makes access to all parts of the protected bio reserve very easy.