Zhodzina is a city of regional subordination in the Minsk region of the Republic of Belarus. Zhodino has been a city since 1963. Previously, the town was called Zhodin.

Population - 64,559 people (for 2018). The city is located 54 km from Minsk in the northeastern direction, on the Moscow - Brest railway, and equidistant (about 650 km) from Moscow, Kiev and Warsaw.

The area of the city is 23.21 km². Zhodzina is located on the Plisa and Zhodinka rivers.



The town was founded on the Plisa River in 1643 by Bohuslav Radziwill, and was originally named Bohuslav Pole.



In 1688 it is referred to as the village of Zhodzina Sloboda. The name can be understood as “settlement on the river Zhoda or Zhodin”, which existed earlier. The name of the river comes from the Finno-Ugric geographical term zhued, zhuod - "low-lying place in the forest".

Since March 7, 1963 - Zhodzina is a city of regional subordination.