Hoge Kempen National Park (Nationaal Park Hoge Kempen)

Hoge Kempen National Park 

Hoge Kempen National Park is one of the few protected areas in the Flemish Region of Belgium. It was opened on March 26, 2006.


Location: Flemish Region  Map

Area: 60 km2

Official site

Phone: +32 (0)78 15 04 27


Description of Hoge Kempen National Park


Hoge Kempen National Park covers 60 square kilometers in the Flanders. Despite its modest size it is the largest protected area in the region. It consists of patches of pine forest and heathland. The landscape of this protected area were largely formed by glaciers. After they retreated it left deep carved valleys with sand blown from the direction of the sea.


Hoge Kempen National Park has 40 round trip hikes that range from 3 to 14 km in length. In total there is a network of 200 km of footpaths within boundaries of the national park. Besides you can rent a mountain bike or get around on a horseback. The area is fairly safe with number of rangers patrolling the grounds of the national park. For more information or park maps you can contact them by phone or go to their official website of Hoge Kempen National Park. The main entrance to the protected area is situated between municipalities of Maasmechelen and Dilsen- Stokkem.