Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle

Reinhardstein Castle is a well preserved fortress in the valley of the Warche bear a town of Ovifat in the municipality of Waimes (Weismes) in the provinve of Liege.



Location: Ovifat  Map

Constructed: 1354 by Wenceslaus I, Duke of Luxembourg

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Ticket Cost:

Adult- 6.5 Euro

Children (6- 16 years)- 5 Euro


Description of Reinhardstein Castle


Reinhardstein Castle is located in Warche valley in the village of Ovifat in the Ardennes. Medieval fortification was constructed near the strategic river Warche in 1354 by Reinhard of Weismes for his lord, Count Wenceslaus of Luxerbourg. This strategic location with a 60 meter decline makes Reinhardstein Castle the highest in the country.


Reinhardstein Castle was inherited by a family Nesselrode, Nassau, Schwartzenberg. Finally it was owned by the counts of Metternich between 1550 and 1812. It was briefly seized in 1795- 98 by the French revolutionary troops. After 1812 Franz Georg Karl Count Metternich- Winnenburg- Beilstein sold Reinhardstein Castle to the state of Prussia. Much of its stones were quarried by the locals in the nineteenth century. Prussian government tried to put an end to this illegal destruction of the citadel. In 1969 reconstruction of Reinhardstein Castle has begun returning the citadel to its original condition.