Wissekerke Castle

Wissekerke Castle

Wissekerke Castle is situated in the village of Bazel of Kruibeke municipality in the East Flanders province.


Location: Koningin Astridplein 17, Bazel, East Flanders Map

Constructed: 15th century

Open: May- June, Sept- Oct

Thurs: 10am- 4:30pm

Sun: 2- 5pm

July- Aug

Tue- Thur: 10am- 4:30 pm

Sun: 2- 5pm

Tel. +32 3 740 0400


Description of Wissekerke Castle


Little is known about the origins of Wissekerke Castle. There is evidence that small castle stood here since the 10th century. It stood on the small artificial island with the Scheldt River protecting one side of the fortress and artificial channel on the other. However much of the structure that you see today were constructed in the 15th century with later modifications in the 19th century that added a neo-gothic aspects to overall appearance. Its tower dates back to the 16th century.


Iron suspension bridge of the Wissekrke Castle is the oldest surviving bridge of the similar construction in Europe. It was designed by Jean-Baptiste Vifquain (architect from Brussels) in 1824. It spans 23 meters and in 1981 it was designated a protected historic monument. Wissekerke Castle was purchased by the municipality of Kruibeke. City government ordered restoration work to restore its original appearance. Its interior is largely resemble its appearance as it looked like in the 19th century. Wissekrke Castle is open to the public. It holds concerts, exhibitions and other cultural activities. Additionally guided group visits are available upon request.