Wolfsschlucht I

Wolfsschlucht I



Location: Brûly-de-Pesche, Couvin Municipality, Namur Map


History of Wolfsschlucht I

Wolfsschlucht I is an abandoned German headquarters in a town of Brûly-de-Pesche in Namur Province of Belgium. Its most notable resident was Adolf Hitler. Wolfsschlucht I was a well defended military headquarters or Fuhrerhauptquartier constructed for Adolf Hitler on the border between France and Belgium. It was one of the key outposts for control of the German army, Wehrmacht. Its name can be translated as "Wolf's ravine" or a "gorge". As other of Hitler's bunkers Wolfsschlucht I was constructed by Organisation Todt, German engineer corp of the German military, that started construction in May 1940. Adolf Hitler stayed here on 6- 24 June 1940 while Battle of France was raging just beyond the border. According to eye witnesses leader or Fuhrer of the Third Reich preferred to stay outdoor as he complained mosquito infestation was too annoying to stay indoors.


Wolfsschlucht I area was protected by 26 officers, 185 non- commissioned officers and 750 soldiers. Its air defences included three flak batteries including 10.5 cm Flak, 3.7 Flak battery and a 2- inch battery. In combination of mine fields, barb wires, machine gun nests and bunkers it was a fortress of he 20th century.


Unlike Wolfsschlucht II in France Wolfsschlucht I is well preserved and open for the tourists. History museum inside is dedicated to the Western Campaign as well as Resistance. Near a Hitler's bunker, keepers re- built a replica of huts of partisans.