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Bosnian Pyramids




Location: Visoko, North- West of Sarajevo




Description of the Bosnian Pyramids

Bosnian Pyramids are alleged human made pyramids that are situated near a village of Visoko, North- West of Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian pyramids is a pseudo-archaeological claim promoted by the Bosnian entrepreneur Semir Osmanagic, consisting of declaring a group of natural hills in the population of Visoko in Bosnia-Herzegovina, northwest of Sarajevo, as the oldest and largest pyramids human beings built on Earth. The hill of Visocica (43 ° 58'45.55 "N, 18 ° 10'45.09" E), the largest of them, became a focus of international attention in October 2005, after a media campaign by Osmanagic and his supporters.

Osmanagic claims to have found tunnels, stone blocks and ancient mortars, which he has suggested once covered the structure of Visočica. Excavations opened in 2006 have reconfigured the hill, which makes it look like a step pyramid. However, geologists, archaeologists and other scientists have concluded, after an analysis of the site, its history known and excavations, the hills are natural formations and no sign of human construction. The European Association of Archaeologists issued a statement considering the so-called pyramid a "cruel deception" and protesting the Bosnian authorities' support for the project.