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Belogradchik Fortress (Белоградчишка крепост)


First sections of the Belogradchik Fortress or Kaleto (from Turkish "kale"- fortress) as it is widely known locally was constructed by the Romans in the first century. It sits on the north slopes of the Balkan Mountains guarding a strategic pass in the mountain range.




Location: Belogradchik, Vidin Province  Map


Open: June-Sept: 8am-9pm

Oct-May: 9am-5pm







Description of Belogradchik Castle


First settlement at current Belogradchik Fortress date back to the Ancient Roman times.  First Roman fort was established here in the first century AD. Picturesque Belogradchik rocks provided a logical strategic location for the establishment of a military camp that later became known as Belogradchik Fortress. Belogradchik Cliffs that date to Palezoic Period allowed defenders to spare resources for fortification construction as they naturally served as a barriers against enemy attacks. In some parts it reaches a height of 70 meters (230 feet) above inner courtyard. So military walls and towers were construted only on North- West and South- East direction.


After invasion of the Gothic tribes and disintegration of the Roman Empire the Belogradchik citadel did not loose its importance. In fact quiet the opposite. It grew in size and importance. New owners of the Western Stara Planina (Old Mountains) added new features and new defences to the existing structure all the way till the 19th century. So in 14th century Bulgarian tsar of Vidin Ivan Stratsimir made a new addition fearing the Ottoman invasion. He made Belogradchik Fortress a key stronghold against Ottoman Turkish Empire that eventually captured all of Balkan Peninsula. With its walls and towers it was second in size and sophistication only to the capital of what was remaining from the Bulgarian Kingdom in Vidin, Vidin Castle or Baba Vida. Unfortunately these improvements did not prove very successful as the mightly Turkish army captured the citadel in 1396 along with remaining Bulgaria.


Over time Belogradchik Castle's fortification defences were strengthened. Its walls measure 2 meter (6.6 feet) thick at the foundation and reaching a height of 12 meters (39 feet). It covers a total area of 10,210 square metres (109,900 square feet).


Military fortifications of Belogradchik Fortress provided a considerable protections for the troops stationed here. Bulgarian Christian hajduks or simply partisans often harassed the Muslim officials and presence of a government was vital to keep the land under rule so its use continued well into the 19th century. In 1850 Belogradchik Fortress provided an important base for quenching of the Belogradchik Uprising. Its last active military use was in 1885 during war between now independent Bulgaria and Serbia.




Local Hotels

Guest House Viko Hostel (Viko Hostel)

Belogradchik, 5 Tsar Ivan Sratsimir Str

 +359878364306Satellite TV, Wi-Fi Internet

Hotel Dalia (Hotel Dalia)

Belogradchik, 1 Saedinenie Bul


Satellite TV, Wi-Fi Internet

Hotel-Restaurant Skalite


Hotel-Tavern Madonna


satellite TV

Guest house Near The Oak at Plamen










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