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Borovets (Боровец)


Borovets resort is the oldest resort in Bulgaria. Situated 72 km from Bulgarian capital of Sofia it is about hour, hour and half from the city. Borovets was initially designed as a private hunting grounds for Bulgarian tsars in 1894. In fact Borovets Royal hunting lodge is still preserved in the lower part of the the resort. It is not very big, but it certainly kept the old charm. If you want a enjoy half day hiking trip through the pine woods don't miss it. An interesting feature of the mini castle is a star of David that is visible on a floor of one of the rooms. It was made on the orders of Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria who was apparently interested in the ideas of Judaism and Kabbalah.



Location: Borovets, 73 km from Sofia, Sofia Province Map

For skiers and snowboarders alike:

The best time to visit this resort is in late January, February and March. Miracles do happen and you can come in December and early January, but you have to be very lucky to see good skiing or snowboarding conditions. Additionally the place might be packed for Christmas and New Year. Bulgarians celebrate Christmas on 25th of December (Gregorian Calendar) and on 7th of January (Julian Calendar).




Description of Borovets Resort


Borovets is all year long resort. In winter you can enjoy skiing, both downhill and cross-country, snowboarding and etc. It is probably the best ski resort in Bulgaria with its breath taking views, pure snow and fairly short lines. The resort is split between lower cluster of hotels, restaurants and rentals and a upper cluster of lifts and ski trails with a beautiful view of Musala peak and alpine landscape. You can get to the top via a gondola lift. From a personal observation the Upper Borovets looks better. Additionally it has shorter lines, less people and more snow. The only exception is during bad weather. Open alpine areas became really unwelcoming to skiers. Dense fogs don't help the situation either. In that case lower part of Borovets becomes more suitable. Surrounded by tall virgin pine trees it will protect you from wind and ice.

In summer months you can take numerous hiking trails all the way to the Balkan's tallest mountain Musala (2,925 meters). Additionally you can take a horse and a guide for a stroll through the trails on the mountain.










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