Chudni Mostove or Marvelous Bridges or Wonderful Bridges

Chudni Mostove



Location: Rodopi mountains  Map



Description of Chudni Mostove or Marvelous Bridges or Wonderful Bridges

Chudni Mostove (Wonderful or Marvelous bridges) are located at in the South of Bulgaria in the Western Rodopi mountains, one of the few wilderness untouched by man in the country. Chudni Mostove is a natural geological formation in the Rhodope Mountains in the Southern Bulgaria. The closest large settlement is a small town of Chepelare that is located 30 km away. Arch shaped formations gave these enourmous formation its nickname Chudni Mostove or Marvelous/ Wonderful Bridges in Bulgarin.
Chudni Mostove were carved by erosions by winds and waters of Erkyupriya River that flows underneath the bridge. Despite its natural beauty and impressive span Chudni Mostove are still remains largely unknown to the outside World and rarely visited by international tourists.
A group of three bridges of Chudni Mostove was probably part of the same karst cave that collapsed forming several natural arches that once were part of the cave ceiling. The Large Bridge measures at 45 meters high and 40 meters wide. The Small Bridge is 200 meters down the river and measures 30 meters high and 60 meters long. Last bridge is hardly visible and actually is a cave where river Erkyupriya goes underground only to appear on the service 3 km down its stream.
Besides the landmark of Chudni Mostove itself long expanses of virgin forests of century old conifers, mainly spruces, are spread in all directions. You can spend a night in a nearby hotels “Chudni mostove” and “Skalni mostove” (tel. 048/877545) that is within hundred feet from the location and hike on backcountry trails. According to Greek poet Homer this region is the homeland of Orpheus, thus the area around the Chudni Mostove is also called Orfeevski mesta (Bularian for Orpheus’ land).


There is a barbaric custom that arose after the bridges were declared a tourist site - every tourist who passed under the big bridge wrote his name with charcoal on the wall. On the rock formations at the base of the big bridge, even celebrities have left a mark on their low culture. According to the law, scratching and placing inscriptions within the boundaries of a natural landmark is prohibited. The fine for this violation is from BGN 500 to BGN 5,000. Nature lovers clean the inscriptions and impose fines, but this vandal tradition continues.

There are many caves near the rock phenomenon, but most of them are not suitable for visits by tourists because they are not lit and safe. Nearby are the huts "Wonderful Bridges" and "Rock Bridges", managed by the tourist company "Studenets" - Chepelare (possible places for tourism and accommodation).