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Emen Gorge


Emen Gorge is a natural park located near Emen village, 25 km (16 mi) West of Veliko Tirnovo. It is a nice destination for a half day trip.



Location: Emen village, 25 km (16 mi) West of Veliko Tirnovo




Description of Emen Gorge


Emen Gorge is situated about 20 km (12 miles) North of Veliko Tirnovo it is one of the first Bulgarian touristic trails made perfect for those who love seclusion of the untouched nature. Protected area covers a natural canyon of the river Negovanka, a tributary to Rositsa river. Emen river starts near a village of Novo Selo and in total it extends for 60 km although some the area are hard to get to due to geologic formations. The word "Emen" is derived from a Latin and can be translated as a "short river with a near source".


The area of the Emen Gorge was settled since the Palaeolithic times and archaeological excavations in the are yielded a trove of artifacts. Later it was replaced by a small Roman military outpost.


The path will take you through a picturesque beautiful canyon of Emen to a secluded lake and a 10 meter high waterfall. Its walls reach a height of 90 meters above river. Besides the Emen Gorge also contains an Emen Cave, one of the longest caves in the country. It is 3113 meters long and takes seventeenth place in the list of the deepest caves in Bulgaria.


Before you decide to visit the place make sure you are not afraid of heights and unstable bridges. The paths are fairly narrow and there is no or very few rail guards for the hikers. And those portions of the trails that do have some kinds of protection are not very sturdy. Don't expect it will support your weight. Even slightest pressure easily breaks old wooden rails.










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