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Glozhene Monastery (Гложенски манастир)

Glozhene Monastery

Glozhene Monastery is a Bulgarian Orthodox religious complext located 11 km (7 mi) Northwest of Teteven. Despite its modest size it played an important role in the history of Bulgaria.




Location: 11 km (7 mi) Northwest of Teteven Map

Tel. (01960) 388

Open: 6am- 9pm daily

Constructed: 13th century

Vasil Levsky

Vasil Levsky (1837- 1873)

Vasil Drumev

Vasil Drumev (1838- 1901)





Decription of Glozhene Monastery


Glozhene Monastery was named after its founder, Russian knyaz (Russian title equaling of the Western "duke") Georgi Glozh who managed to flee Kievan Rus after it was overrun by the Mongol hordes in 1239. Bulgarian king Ivan Asen II was generous enough to accept his fellow Orthodox ruler to his land and build a castle- like monastery here. He dedicated Glozhene Monastery to a Romanian martyr George the Victorious who was executed during Christian persecutions under Ancient Roman Emperor Deoclitian.


Among other things Russian knyaz brought an icon of the saint that he gave to the monks that soon moved to Glozhene Monastery. During struggle for independence from the Turkish rule the monastery hid several revolutionaries including Vasil Levsky. It also became famous as a prison for Vasil Drumev who was sent here by king Ferdinand in 1893. Monks eased the sufferings of the political prisoner by bringing food despite official prohibition to do so.


The main church of the Glozhene Monastery was destroyed by the earthquake of 1913 and rebuilt here in 1951.












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