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Magura Cave (Магурата)

Magura Cave

Magura Cave is situated near village of Rabisha and 18 km from Belogradchik in the North West Bulgaria. It is one of the largest and most interesting underground systems in Bulgaria. It consists of the main gallery and three side tunnels at an overall length of 2500 meters in length. Magura Cave was formed at least 15 millions years ago and the process of geologic erosion continues to this day.




Location: Rabisha, Vidin Province    Map

Total length: 2.5 km (1.5 mi)

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Description of Magura Cave


Magura Cave is famous for its prehistoric cave art and remains of the human occupation since late Epipaleolithic Age and Neolithic Age. It depicts various scenes from lives of ancient people including hunters on hunting trails, people dancing, various animals and other things that were important for the residents of the Magura Cave. Additionally archeologists who dug in the area discovered one of the oldest solar calendars ever to be discovered in Bulgaria and overall Europe. Apparently ancient people held five important festivals over a course of a year that ancients believed lasted 366 days. Given the age of the Magura Cave finding it is amazing that they managed to keep such a good record of the astronomical progression of the year.




Judging by animal remains cave hyenas and cave bears frequently stayed in Magura Cave for shelter and security. Humans it seems had a different idea of who is to own this nice piece of property. They managed to establish a permanent settlement and depict scenes from their daily lives as well as religious ceremonies. The cave was abandoned in favor of more comfortable living in houses, but we have evidence that people often ventured and explored the cave in the Roman times as well as medieval. It takes about 5 hours to explore 3 km (2 mi) of the total length. Temperature here stays at 12 C or 56 F all year round so you might want to take some warm cloths with you. This unique microclimate allows parts of the cave to be used as a storage for local wines. Magura's largest room is used occasionally for concerts.











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