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Pirin National Park

Pirin Mountains 

Pirin National Park is a located in the southwest Bulgaria and encompasses the larger part of the Pirin Mountain. It covers a total area of 274 km2 and it is located at an altitude from 1,008 to 2,915 meters.



Friendly warning!

Snakes are common even above a tree line. Watch your step. If you see a viper (above) stop and slowly retreat




Description of Pirin National Park

Pirin National Park is famous for its huge diversity of plants and animals. Originally this natural biosphere reserve was found in 1934 to protect endangered black and white fir (Pinum peuce). But it also contains over 1300 species of plants, including 182 medicinal plants that are quiet popular in the region. Throughout warm months of the year you can see residence from surrounding cities and villages gather plants, flowers and other parts of plants on industrial scale. Additionally Pirin National Park contains 320 species of moss and lichen as well as 165 kinds of algae.




Hiking in Pirin National Park

Most developed part of the Pirin National Park is in the north around the highest peak of Vihren (2,915 m) that attracts hikers and climbers alike. There are two hiking paths that are most common with the tourists. One is marked by brown markers that takes from Mandrat base to the Sipanitsa Shelter. Another trail is marked by yellow markers that take goes from Mandrat base to the Black Water base. There is also a loop trail from Vihren hut to the top of mount Vihren, the highest mountain in Pirin National Park. It doesn't require any special mountaineering experience or equipment and takes about 3 to 4 hours. Additionally they are many other small trails that allow tourists to reach every corner of Pirin National Park, but these paths are often unmarked and have no clear direction. You can use them at your own risk.


This biologic reserve is easily accessible from Bansko, fairly large tourist city with hotels and restaurants. Other major cities in the area include Sandanki, Gotse Delchev, Kresna, Razlog, Strumuani, Simitli and many others. One of the major advantages of hiking and camping in the mountains of Bulgaria is little regulations that are in place and even less attempt to enforce them. Even if there is such a thing as ranger in Pirin National Park, which is doubtful,  they do not make their presence visible.










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