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Troyan Monastery (Троянски манастир „Успение Богородично“)


Monastery of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God or simply Troyan Monastery as it is widely known is one of the largest and most important monasteries in Bulgaria.



Location: 10 km (6 mi) East of Trojan Map

Found: late 16th century

Tel. (06952) 2866

Open: 8am- 10pm daily

Entrance Fee: free

Camera: 5 lv, video 15 lv

Three- Handed Virgin Icon

Three- Handed Virgin




Description of Troyan Monastery


Troyan Monastery was found in the late 16th century, however only stone throne in the church survives from those times. Troyan Monastery have always been the hub of patriotic and Christian mission in the country conquered and subjugated by the Muslim Ottomans. In 1872 prominent Bulgarian freedom fighter Vassil Levsky set up his revolutionary committee in the Troyan Monastery thus making it the center of the April Uprising of 1876. Monks of the monastery under leadership of abbot Macarius did not participate in the military actions against the Turks, but helped with food, protection and medical care.


The iconostasis of the main church of Troyan Monastery was carved from wood in 1839 while the holy alter gate (tsar's gates) of St. Nikola Chapel date to 1794. The exterior and interior of the church is painted by famous artist Zahari Zograph between 1847 and 1849 during Bulgarian National Revival movement. Many of his paintings depict non canonic beliefs or practices held by his people that did not contradict teachings of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church such as the Wheel of Life and Doomsday. Furthermore he managed to slip in both Bulgarian and Russian saints side by side thus hinting upcoming war for Bulgarian independence between Ottoman Turkish Empire and Russian Empire that led to complete defeat of the Turks. If you will get lucky or will be very pleasant you might see Russian weapons that were given by the Cossacks as a present to their Slavic Orthodox brothers of Troyan Monastery. Collection of weapons is usually kept from tourists, but you can try you luck anyway.


Furthermore you might plan your trip around May 6 which is a Feast day of St. George, protector of the main church in the Troyan Monastery. It contains one of the most revered icons in the Bulgarian Orthodoxy as well as very unusual depiction of Three- Handed Virgin.







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