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Tryavna (Трявна)


Tryavna is a historic Bulgarian city in Central Bulgaria situated in the Tryavna river valley. The city managed to preserve its traditional architecture and historic heritage. Originally found by the Thracian tribes much of the city date back to the 18th- 19th centuries. Lack of hordes of tourists additionally add charm to this authentic Bulgarian city.



Location: Tryavna, Gabrovo Province   Map

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Tryavna Hotels:

Art-M Hotel

20 Angel Kanchev St

Tel. +359 6776 2492


Brashlyan Hotel Complex

6 Panorama St

Tel. +359 6776 3019


Complex Harmony Hotel

54 Hristo Botev St

Tel. +359 6776 2460


Hilez Hotel

17 Stara Planina St

Tel. +359 6776 6920






Travel Destinations in Tryavna


Tryavna is a small picturesque town in Central Bulgaria near Gabrovo. Its architectural appearance is one of the most remarkable and well preserved examples of Bulgarian Revival period that took place in the 18th and 19th century. Additionally Tryavna is also famous for its artisans, craftsmen and artists. At the time it was part of the Ottoman Empire that was officially a Muslim country. Bulgarians that were predominantly Christian were seeking for a way to self- identify themselves in the country those officials were often hostile to the local religion and traditions.


A big influence of Tryavna Revival was influenced by medieval churches and buildings that survived centuries of neglect and foreign invasions. One of the most important religious buildings that date to the period is a church of Archangel Michael located on the Square of Dyado Nikola. It dates back to the 12th century.



Tryavna Clock Tower (Tryavna)


Tryavna Clock Tower was constructed in 1814 by Tryavna artisans as well as local citizens. The clock mechanism itself was made in 1815 by the craftsmen from Gabrovo. It reaches a total height of 21.15 meters. At the time of its construction it was the highest building in the city.

Tryavna Clock Tower can be divided into three parts. The lowest part is a square shaped base, middle part is octagon shaped crowned by a small metal cornice.

Tryavna Clock Tower was renovated in 1971 to mark anniversary of a Tryavna Library. The main clock got a new mechanism that sounds 10 sounds a day. Additionally it plays sounds of the song "Inseparable" those words were written by Doe. The melody became the anthem of the city and Tryavna Clock Tower is one of the most symbolic buildings in the town.

Daskalov Museum- House (Tryavna)

Slaveikov Str.

Tel. +359 677 21-66

Open: Winter: 9am- 5pm

Summer: 9am- 7pm

Daskalov Museum House dates back to the early 19th century. The interior of this splendid Tryavna residence preserved traditional interior of the Bulgarian houses as they looked in the 19th century. Its most unique feature is a magnificent wooden ceiling with intricate carvings.


Museum of Icon-Painting and Wood Curving (Музеят на иконописта и дърворезбата) (Tryavna)

Tel. +359/896 755 938

Open: Winter: 8:30am -4:30pm

Summer: 10am- 6pm


The Tryavna Shkolo (School) (Tryavna)

7 Angel Kanchev Str.

Tel. +359 677 25-17

Open: Winter: 9am- 5pm

Summer: 9am- 6pm


Raikov Museum House (Tryavna)

1, Proff. P.N. Raikov Str.

Tel. +359 677 34- 81

Angel Kanchev Museum-House (Ангел Кънчев Къщата-музей) (Tryavna)

No. 39, Angel Kunchev Str. (39 ул. Ангел Кънчев.)

Tel. +359/896 755 935

Open: Summer: 9.30am-1:30pm and 2pm- 6pm

Closed in winter

Angel Kanchev Museum House contains a collection of paintings by local Bulgarian artists.

Ivan Kolev House (Tryavna)

ul Slaveikov 47

Open: 9am- 1pm and 2- 6pm Mon- Fri

Phone: +359 677 3777

Entrance Fee: 2 lv

St. Archangel Michael Church (Св. Архангел Михаил) (Tryavna)

No. 128 Angel Kunchev Str. (128 ул. Ангел Кънчев)

Tel. +91-22-2222-1234

Contact Information: fax: +91-22-2222-1235)

Church of Saint Archangel Michael is the oldest well preserved medieval church that date back to the 12th century. It survived several conflicts and numerous invasions.










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