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Shumen Fortress

 Shumen Fortress

Shumen Fortress is a medieval walled city situated on a high plateau just outside of Shumen in the Shumen Province of North- East Bulgaria. Archeological digs on a site of Shumen Fortress discovered several layers of historic settlements that date back to Ancient Roman, Thracians and much older.




Location: Shumen Province  Map


Open: 9am- 5pm Mon- Fri


Entrance Fee: 3 lv, information booklet 2 lv




History of Shumen Fortress

First settlement of Shumen Fortress date back to the Iron Age. First people that settled here recognized importance of the strategic location on top of Shumen plateau. Later Thracian tribes that settled in the region in the 5th century BC constructed their own castle to defend a small village. Ancient Roman further increased the size of the Shumen Fortress between 2nd and 4th century AD to defend their borders against intrusions of the barbarian tribes. However it became particularly important during medieval period during Second Bulgarian Kingdom (1185- 1396). Walls and towers were increased to support changing technologies of the medieval warfare. Invasion of Ottoman Turks in 1444 didn't save the residents of the city. Turkish soldiers captured Shumen Fortress, looted it and killed or captured its inhabitants. Old Shumen along with its fortified walls were abandoned by the Ottomans. New Shumen was moved to its present location.










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