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Brno is an old medieval town in South Moravia Region of Czech Republic. It is second largest city in the country and its historic Old Town is famous for beautiful and unique architecture.



Location: South Moravia Region


Travel Destinations in Brno

The historic center of Old Town of Brno is rich in architectural marvels and historic buildings. Brno squares are not only famous for its buildings, but can be used as a way to guide yourself through narrow historical streets of the city. These include Freedom Square with the Plague Columna, Moravian Square, St. Jacob Square with its Governor's palace and the Church the Church Ossuary, Dominican Square with a gallery and a museum and many others. In addition to this the main tourist attractions of Brno are the Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul, Saint Jacob Church, Saint Thomas Church, Old and New Town Halls. Many of the streets in the historical part are too narrow for cars, so walking or biking is the best way to get around and see all destinations.


Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul (Katedrála svatého Petra a Pavla) (Brno)

Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul Brno

Petrov 9

Tel. +(420) 543 23 5031

Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul in Brno is a national monument of the Czech Republic. It belonged to a monastery that was constructed in the late 13th century and later increased in size in the 14th century in the Romanesque architectural style. It is ironic that a peaceful religious complex was constructed on a site of a former military citadel that was torn down to make way to Roman Catholic abbey.

Original church dedicated to Saint Peter and Paul was constructed in a Romanesque style. It badly damaged in the 17th century by the Swedish troops that invaded the region during the Thirty Years War. Current Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul was rebuilt shortly after the war ended. Its current Gothic appearance was designed by an Austrian architect Augusto Kirstein.

Two towers of Cathedral of Saint Peter and Paul reach a height of 81 meters. Their roofs still define the cityscape of Brno as they did for centuries. Platform at the top of these towers are open to the public. Tourists can gaze at the magnificent city below. From here you can even see the plans of the Battle of Austerlitz where Russian, French and Holy Roman Empire troops fought each other on December 2nd, 1805.


Church of Saint Jacob (Kostel svatého Jakuba) (Brno)

Jakubska 11

Tel. +(420) 542 212 039

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Church of Saint Jacob is a Roman Catholic Church that stands on Jacob's Square (Jakubska) in Brno. The church was constructed in the 13th century in late Gothic architectural style. In 1592 the building of Saint Jacob got a tower 92 meters high with a Renaissance dome. During the Thirty Years War (1618- 48) Church of Saint Jacob was badly damaged. It was, nevertheless, shortly reconstructed shortly thereafter. During the remodeling of the basement workers discovered second largest burial crypt in Europe. By some modest estimates Church of Saint Jacob houses the remains of about 50,000 people. In 1995 the church was declared a national monument.