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Kajaani Castle (Kajaanin linna)

Kajaani Castle

Kajaani Castle (Kajaneborg in Swedish) is located in Kajaani in Finland. Military fortifications consist of two towers and an inner courtyard protected by the walls on both sides.



Location: Kajaani   Map

Founded: 1604




History of Kajaani Castle


Kajaani Castle was constructed on a small island on the Kajaaninjoki river in 1604 to protect North- Southern region of the Swedish kingdom against the Russian armies as well as league of the Hanseatic cities. The construction of the citadel was carried out under supervision of Count Per Brahe who served as a Governor General of Finland in the years of 1637- 40 and again in 1648- 54. Several embrasures offered cannons a wide area of fire in all directions. It is no wonder that this formidable citadel served as a seat of a government as well as a prison. Swedish writer Johannes Messenius served several years in Kajaani Castle between 1616 and 1635.


During the Great Northern War Russian forces besieged Kajaani Castle and after 5 weeks the garrison surrounded after they ran out of food and firewood. The same year in March the Russian troops blew up the castle. Although the land was returned to the Swedish crown in 1721 the castle was abandoned and never reused for the military purposes. In the 20th century an island of the castle was connected to the banks of the river by a bridge for cars and pedestrians.











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