Koli National Park (Kolin kansallispuisto)

Location: North Karelia  Map

Area: 30 km2

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Description of Koli National Park

Koli National Park is located in North Karelia region in Finland. Koli National Park covers an area of 30 km2 of pine forests, quartzite cliffs and numerous rivers and lakes. One of the highest points in the nature reserve Koli Hill (375 meters) offers a great view of the surrounding landscape. Many of the Finnish artists came here in the late 19th and 20th century to paint pristine hills of the Koli National Park.


Koli National Park is divided into three different zones according to key conservation objectives.

The national landscape and geology are taken into account in the zone that covers the highest peaks of Koli. The cultural zone is located right next to the village. In the cultural zone, the diversity of traditional landscapes is maintained by clearing, grazing and caring for grasslands, e.g. mowing. The courtyards with their old buildings, the rides and sheep grazing on the hut and the woodland in the middle of an open cultural landscape bordered by birches, are the gems of Kask culture. In particular, the diverse plant species of ages need annual maintenance mowing in order to survive. The forest nature of the hazards is protected in the nature zone. The nature of Koli is very varied in terms of terrain and thanks to it, even in a small area, there is a large number of different biotopes and the species is thus very diverse. The ceilings of the cliffs are rugged, the shady slopes covered with old spruces or birches and the shady moist groves rampant from the lower slopes of the valleys.

The most famous Lookout Point is Ukko-Koli, which offers a magnificent view to the east of Pielinen. The Koli Nature Center Ukko and the Break Sokos Hotel Koli are located near the top. During the summer, Koli has two long landscape lifts to the south and north. In the 2015-2016 season, Koli had two ski resorts, Loma Koli and Ukko Koli. For the 2016-2017 season, there is only Ukko Koli. Holiday Koli will completely cease operations.