Lemmenjoki National Park (Lemmenjoen kansallispuisto)

Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is located in Lapland region of North Finland. This nature reserve get its name from a Lemmenjoki river that runs through its territory. The area of the Lemmenjoki National Park is 2850 km2.


Location: Lapland Map

Area: 2850 km2

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Description of Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoki National Park is the largest park in Finland and one of the largest in Europe. Hiking trails have total length of over 60 km. Although you can rent a power boat or rent a canoe to get around on water. The conditions of this Finish park are rough. Cool temperatures and unforgiving winds sweep through the area great deal of discomfort for tourists. Some of the most visited sites in Lemmenjoki National Park are waterfall of Ravadaskongas and a reindeer farm. As you travel through the area you might stumble on few cabins that are dispersed around the park. Don't be surprised to see people living there. Gold panning in rivers is still practiced in warmer summer months of short Finish summer. Additionally Lemmenjoki National Park has two small airfields. One in Martiniiskonpalo and another in Keurulainen.


The nature of the national park includes mountain vultures, mountain birches, extensive swamps and old pine forests in the Lemmenjoki Valley. In the area between Kultasatama and Jäkäläpää, you can see the history and present of gold panning and mining, as well as the traces of gold mining to nature. In the summer, there are about a hundred people working in the area with gold mining, with a takeover of just under 40. The largest fell in the national park is the Morgam-Viibus, about 600 meters high, located in the Viipustunturi area. The national park is also inhabited by large predators such as bears, eagles, wolverines and occasionally wolves. There are 70 endangered species.

Most of the people moving in the park are summer hikers. Proportionate to the size, however, Lemmenjoki is visited by relatively few hikers, ie about 18,000 people a year. There are about 60 kilometers of marked trails in the national park and some bridges and boats have been built for hikers to cross the Lemmenjoki river. In the summer, Lemmenjoki also has organized motorboat traffic to transport hikers from Njurkulahti up the rugged river to Kultasatama. There are more than ten desert huts and three paid reservation huts in the national park. In a vote organized by Erä magazine, Lemmenjoki National Park was chosen as the best hiking area in Finland.

Two small airports have been built in the golden area of ​​the Lemmenjoki river, on the plateaus of Martiniiskonpalo (467 m) and Keurulainen (about 500 m). You can land on and off the fields with smaller propeller planes.

The most famous sights
Lemmenjoki river valley
Sallivaara's restored reindeer separation site
Cabinet Jouni field (old reindeer farm)
Gold mining area
Nature hut located in Njurkulahti