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Patvinsuo National Park (Patvinsuon kansallispuisto)

Patvinsuo National Park

Patvinsuo National Park is located in North Karelia region of Finland. The natural park covers an area of 105 km2.



Location: North Karelia   Map

Area: 105 km2

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Description of Patvinsuo National Park


Patvinsuo National Park is good for one day hikes through swamps, bogs, lakes and pine forests. Numerous lakes and small rivers are inhabited by the beavers. Their dams are clearly visible although the animal is fairly shy. Another common animal in the region is a bear, but it is also very reclusive and avoid human contact. Among birds of the Patvinsuo National park most common are wild geese, cranes, waterfowl and swans that nest here in summer. The administration of the Patvinsuo nature reserve constructed several tower across the park for bird watchers including one at the Teretinniemi, Lahnasuo and Surkansuo.