Kauniainen (Grankulla)


Kauniainen (Swedish: Grankulla) is a Finnish city located in the province of Uusimaa. Kauniainen is by far the smallest of the four cities in the Helsinki metropolitan area and the smallest municipality in Finland. Kauniainen is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area. Kauniainen is known as a bilingual city with a low municipal tax rate and high-income residents. The city is also exceptional in that it is completely surrounded by Espoo. Kauniainen is a densely populated self-governing area originally established by the residents as a limited company.

59.5% of Kauniainen's residents are Finnish-speaking and 34.1% Swedish-speaking. The largest parties in Kauniainen City Council are the RKP, which previously lost its simple majority (16/35 council seats) and the Coalition Party (13/35) in the 2017 municipal elections. The Kauniainen Council's small parties, the Greens (3), the Basic Finns (1), the Christian Democrats (1) and the SDP (1) have a total of six seats. 91% of Kauniainen's working-age residents have completed post-primary education, which is the highest in Finland.