Hämeenlinna (Swedish: Tavastehus) is a Finnish city on the shores of Vanajavesi in the province of Kanta-Häme. It is the center of Kanta-Häme province and, founded in 1639, Finland's oldest inland city. Hämeenlinna is known as a traditional administrative, school and cultural city.

The neighboring municipalities of Hämeenlinna are Akaa, Asikkala, Hattula, Hausjärvi, Hollola, Janakkala, Loppi, Padasjoki, Pälkäne, Tammela, Urjala and Valkeakoski. It is 100 kilometers from the center of Hämeenlinna to Helsinki and 75 kilometers to Tampere. The Hämeenlinna area grew significantly on 1 January 2009, when Hauho, Kalvola, Lammi, Renko and Tuulos joined the city of Hämeenlinna. Prior to this, the rural municipality of Hämeenlinna and the municipality of Vanaja had been connected mainly to Hämeenlinna and partly to neighboring municipalities.



There are a total of 339 lakes in whole or in part in the area of ​​the city of Hämeenlinna. The largest of them are Vanajavesi, Kukkia and Kuohijärvi.

The center of Hämeenlinna is located in Southern Häme, in the Vanajavesi valley, which is also classified as a national landscape, and which is divided by the north-south Vanajavesi, which is narrow in its southern part. Other significant lakes in Hämeenlinna are Katumajärvi and Alajärvi. The northwest-southeast ridge line runs through the urban area, parts of which include Ahvenistonharju and Hattelmalanharju. The terrain is otherwise undulating; The center of Hämeenlinna and, for example, the Myllymäki and Hätilä Districts are located at the top of larger hills. The city has a few mountains used as castle mountains in prehistoric times, the most significant of which are Aulangonuori and the mainland castle mountain.

The main features of the Hämeenlinna landscape are the Häme Lake Plateau, the Vanajavesi Valley and the Kanta-Häme Grove Center. In many places, the landscapes are marked by the prosperous Hämäläinen agricultural culture.

Nature reserves
There are several nature reserves in the city, the largest of which are located in the popular recreation areas of Aulango and Ahvenisto on the outskirts of the city. In addition, Hämeenlinna has Finland's first national city park, established in 2001, which extends from the wooden house areas of Koilliskulma and Häme Castle, following the shores of Vanajavesi to Aulango. In the former municipality of Lammi, which was connected to Hämeenlinna in 2009, there is a relatively well-known Evo hiking area.



Häme Castle