Heinola is a town in the province of Päijät-Häme, about 30 kilometers northeast of Lahti. The city is home to 18,552 people and covers an area of 839.28 square kilometers, of which 163.29 square kilometers are water bodies. The population density is 27.4 inhabitants / km². Heinola's neighboring municipalities are Asikkala, Hartola, Iitti, Kouvola, Lahti, Mäntyharju, Pertunmaa and Sysmä.

Heinola has several wood processing plants, such as Stora Enso's board mill and Versowood, and was previously home to Reuma Hospital. It currently operates as the wellness and competence center Valolinna.



Heinola was founded in 1776 as the residence or residence of the governor of Kymenkartano county. Heinola was the center of Kymenkartano county. It was granted city rights in 1839 after the governor moved to Mikkeli. Heinola belonged to the province of Mikkeli until the 1997 county division reform, and in 1997–2009 it belonged to the province of Southern Finland.

The countryside of Heinola and the city of Heinola merged at the beginning of 1997. The church village of the former Heinola countryside is still called the church village of Heinola.