Inari (Inari Sámi Aanaar, Skolt Sámi Aanar, Northern Sámi Anár, Swedish Enare) is a Finnish municipality located in the province of Lapland. The municipality has a population of 6,866 and covers an area of ​​17,333.62 km2, of which 2,277.33 km2 are water bodies. The population density is 0.46 inhabitants / km2. Inari is the largest municipality in Finland. The neighboring municipalities of Inari are Enontekiö in the southwest, Kittilä and Sodankylä in the south, and Utsjoki in the north. In addition, the municipality is limited to Norway in the west and east, and also to Russia in the east. Inari is the most important reindeer herding area in the country. Inari's economy relies heavily on the experience economy in its various forms, and the image of the municipality is international due to tourism and cross-border trade. Car and tire testing are also the municipality's largest industries. Traditional livelihoods such as reindeer husbandry and fishing are still particularly important culturally, but their economic importance has diminished over the years. Inari, a lot of different TV series are also filmed, the main part being in cars, but recently also e.g. the Finnish-German Ivalo crime thriller series was filmed mainly in Inari.

The largest agglomeration and administrative center of the municipality of Inari is Ivalo, with a population of about 3,000, located 39 km south of the church village of Inari. The church village of Inari is the center of Sámi culture, where e.g. Sámi Parliament. Inari's tax rate is the lowest in Finland, 19%. Inari is known as an economically strong municipality and culturally one of the most diverse municipalities in Finland. Inari is the only four-language municipality in Finland. Due to tourism, the municipal image of Inari is very international. In addition to Finland, three Sámi languages ​​are spoken in Inari; Inari Sámi, Skolt Sámi and Northern Sámi. Sámi is strongly visible in the various villages of the municipality.

In addition to traditional livelihoods, Inari is especially known for its Saariselkä, Lake Inari, its gold mining tradition and its numerous national parks.