Järvenpää (Träskända)


Järvenpää (Swedish: Träskända) is a city of about 44,000 inhabitants in southern Finland, in the province of Uusimaa. Järvenpää belongs to Central Uusimaa, and its neighboring municipalities are Mäntsälä in the northeast, Sipoo in the east and Tuusula in the south, west and north. Järvenpää is part of the Helsinki metropolitan area and is one of the frame municipalities in the Helsinki region. The area of ​​Järvenpää is 39.93 km², of which 37.54 km² is land and 2.39 km² is inland water. Järvenpää is the seventh smallest municipality in Finland and the fourth most densely populated municipality.

Järvenpää is located about 40 kilometers north of Helsinki and about 70 kilometers south of Lahti. The city is built at the northern end of Lake Tuusulanjärvi, and its urban structure is based on the main line. Almost the entire population of Järvenpää lives in the Helsinki city center area.

Järvenpää is known as the residence of Jean Sibelius and Juhani Aho, among others. The city's most famous sights are several home museums, such as Ainola, Ahola and Villa Kokkonen. There is also an art museum in Järvenpää, whose permanent collection features works by Venny Soldan-Brofeldt and Eero Järnefelt in particular.