Juankoski (Swedish: Strömsdal) is a former Finnish city in the province of Northern Savonia. Juankoski joined the city of Kuopio at the beginning of 2017. The city was home to 4,731 people and covered an area of ​​586.26 square kilometers, of which 120.99 square kilometers were water bodies. The population density was 10.17 inhabitants / km2. Juankoski's neighboring municipalities were Juuka, Kaavi, Kuopio, Rautavaara and Tuusniemi.

One of Juankoski's largest employers is Valmet Oy, a factory that manufactures wet fabrics. Previously, Stromsdal Oyj's board mill was also a significant employer, but its operations ended in bankruptcy in 2008. Juankoski is home to Juankoski Entrepreneurs, a regional association of Savo Entrepreneurs.

Juankoski was the second smallest municipality in Finland after the Kaskinen population. Despite the designation, Juankoski was a rural municipality according to the statistical classification of municipalities due to its low degree of agglomeration and the central population of less than 4,000 inhabitants.

In August 2014, the Juankoski City Council decided to join Kuopio at the beginning of 2017, and in June 2016, the Government approved the merger of the cities.


Fire and rescue services
Units located at Juankoski fire station on Kauppatie: JK11 fire truck, JK12 fire truck, JK13 tank truck, JK171 emergency response and crew car. In Juankoski, on the shore of Niskakoski, there is also a boat JK-V1 from the Juankoski fire brigade. Juankoski has a semi-permanent fire brigade.

Emergency care services in Juankoski are provided by the Pohjois-Savo Hospital District, KYS Emergency Care Center, which also provides emergency care services in the municipality of Kaavi.