Kauhava is a Finnish city located in the Seinäjoki region in the province of Southern Ostrobothnia. Kauhava had a population of 15,701 (30 June 2020) and covers an area of 1,328.38 km², of which 14.59 km² are water bodies (1 January 2020). The population density is 11.95 inhabitants / km². Kauhava became a city in 1986. The old city of Kauhava ceased to exist when it merged with Alahärmä, Kortesjärvi and Ylihärmä into a new Kauhava in 2009. As a result of municipal unions, Kauhava is the third largest city in Southern Ostrobothnia in terms of population.



The first permanent residents settled in Kauhava in the 16th century. The tar trade prospered the area in the 18th century. The parish became independent in 1859 and the municipality of Kauhava was founded in 1867.

The Air Force School operated in Kauhava from 1929 to 2014.

Kauhava, Alahärmä, Ylihärmä and Kortesjärvi ended up in the municipal association for economic reasons in 2009. The old municipal boundaries appear in the identity of the residents long after that.