Kirkkonummi (Kyrkslätt)


Kirkkonummi (Swedish: Kyrkslätt) is a Finnish municipality located in the Helsinki region, Uusimaa on the coast of the Gulf of Finland. To the east, Kirkkonummi is bordered by Espoo. The other neighboring municipalities are Vihti, Siuntio and Inkoo. There is some common land border with Inkoo in the archipelago, otherwise the common border consists of the sea. The municipality is home to 39,983 people and covers an area of ​​1,017.01 square kilometers, of which 27.35 square kilometers are water bodies. The population density is 109.2 inhabitants per square kilometer. The municipality is bilingual. The majority of 76.0 per cent of the population speak Finnish and 16.9 per cent Swedish.

The name of the municipality probably comes from the 700-year-old Kirkkonummi church, which is located on a hill in the municipal center.

Kirkkonummi is part of the Helsinki region, ie the Helsinki metropolitan area. The distance from the municipal center to the center of Helsinki is more than 30 kilometers, only 20 kilometers from the eastern border of the municipality. The driving time from the municipal center to the center of Helsinki is about 30 minutes. The improvement of main road 51 into a motorway between the Kivenlahti and Munkinmäki junctions has been completed. Train and bus connections to the Helsinki metropolitan area are also good. The journey to the center of Helsinki takes 30–45 minutes by both train and bus. Kirkkonummi belongs to the Helsinki Region Transport Consortium. The majority of residents work in the metropolitan area.

The largest population centers in the municipality are Kirkkonummi church village (municipal center), Gesterby, Masala, Veikkola (northernmost center), Kantvik (near the sea) and the Upinniemi garrison by the sea. In addition to these, Kirkkonummi has dozens of small villages.

Kirkkonummi is the second largest municipality in Finland after Lake Nurmijärvi, which does not use the name city. However, according to the statistical grouping of municipalities, Kirkkonummi is an urban municipality, as its largest agglomeration, ie the center of Kirkkonummi, has about 20,000 inhabitants (31 December 2018).