Kitee (Swedish: Kides) is a Finnish city located in the province of North Karelia. The municipality has a population of 10,444 and an area of 1,724.38 km2, of which 470.71 km2 are water bodies. The population density is 8.02 inhabitants / km2.

Kitee was founded in 1631 and became a city in 1992. In recent wars, 122 square kilometers of the municipality's area were ceded to the Soviet Union, as a result of which about 1,000 inhabitants were evacuated.

The word Kitee is based on the Eastern adjective crystal, for example crystal frost or crystalline or slow. The background is thought to be the slow flow of the Kiteenjoki. The name of the crystal is also associated with the word crystal or kiides, meaning the fox's nest or cave, the former of which appears in Lönnrot's dictionary.



Kitee's neighboring municipalities are Parikkala, Rääkkylä, Savonlinna and Tohmajärvi. The former neighboring municipalities are Kerimäki and Savonranta connected to Savonlinna and Uukuniemi connected to Parikkala.

The center of Kitee is home to about 6,000 people and is the third largest agglomeration in North Karelia in terms of population. In the center are the town hall, the health center and the state office building, where the Kitee police, the Employment and Economic Development Office and the tax office operate. The sports hall swimming pool Vespeli, the ice rink and the jumping tower are in the Huts sports center on the outskirts of the city center. The center also houses the Huts School (grades 1-6) and the Arppen School (grades 1-9) and Kitee High School, the latter two of which together with the kindergarten Kiepi and the City Library form the Schoolmäki School Center. There are grocery stores S-Market and K-supermarket, which is also the Kupiainen shopping center. There is Tokmanni on the edge of the city center. Opposite the supermarket is the city's second shopping center, the Kitee Shopping Oasis, which houses the Stemma Furniture Store. There are petrol stations in the city center at ABC and Teboil. Restaurants include Hotelli-Ravintola Kiteenhovi and Ravintola Karhu. In the center of Kitee there is also a car shop Autokonetalo Washcko. Several smaller shops can be found along the main road, including a watchmaker's shop, barbecue, spare parts shop, Veiko's machine, etc. The downtown area also has clear apartment building and terraced areas in addition to detached house areas.

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Kitee has been inhabited for a long time. In the late 15th century, a tax was collected from there to Novgorod. In the peace of Stolbova in 1617 the area was annexed to Sweden. For a long time, there was a confrontation between Lutherans and Orthodox in the border region. Kitee Parish was founded in 1631.