Kuhmo (until 1937 Kuhmoniemi) is a Finnish city located in the southeastern part of Kainuu province. The city has a population of 8,148 and an area of ​​5,456.84 km2, of which 650.31 km2 is water. The population density is 1.7 inhabitants / km2.

The parish of Kuhmo was separated from the parish of Sotkamo in 1854 as Kuhmoniemi and it became a municipality in 1865. The name was officially abbreviated to Kuhmo at the beginning of 1937, and Kuhmo became a town at the beginning of 1986. Kuhmo's anti-Russian border is the oldest border between Finland and Russia currently in force. There is the border post of Vartius. Kuhmo is one of the wilderest cities in Finland. The largest city closest to Kuhmo is Kostomuksha in Russia, which is also a twin city of Kuhmo, and a little further away is Kajaani. Kuhmo's neighboring municipalities are Hyrynsalmi, Lieksa, Nurmes, Ristijärvi, Sotkamo and Suomussalmi.

Ulvinsalo Nature Park, founded in 1956, is located in the southeastern part of Kuhmo on the national border. The area of ​​the municipality mainly belongs to the Oulujoki water area, but Lake Jonkerinjärvi in ​​the southeast corner of the municipality flows down the Long River into the Vuoksi watershed on the Lieksa side.