Pelkosenniemi is a municipality in the eastern part of the province of Lapland. The municipality is home to 947 people and covers an area of 1,881.54 km2, of which 45.40 km2 are water bodies. The population density is 0.52 inhabitants / km2. Pelkosenniemi is the smallest municipality in the province of Lapland in terms of population. The municipality got its name from Paavali Pelkonen, its first Finnish settler.



The history of the municipality of Pelkosenniemi dates back to 1664, when Paavali Pelkonen moved to Lapland without permission. The settlement was later called Sodankylä Alaperä, but when it became independent from Sodankylä in 1916, the municipality took the name Pelkoseniemi due to Paavali Pelkonen.

Pelkosenniemi Parish became independent of Sodankylä Parish in 1916. Pelkosenniemi Church was built in 1929.

Pelkosenniemi Electricity Cooperative produced electricity with its own power plant from 1927 until the equipment was damaged during the war. the trunk line from Kemijärvi was drawn in 1950.

The Battle of Pelkosenniemi took place in the Winter War, which ended in the victory of the Finns and the retreat of the Red Army.

Since the 1950s, the struggle to build the Leak Basin has brought together the environmental movement and decision-makers to confront nature and budgets.