Raseborg (Raasepori)


Raseborg is a city in Finland, on the south coast in the western part of the province of Uusimaa. The city of Raseborg was born on January 1, 2009, when the cities of Ekenäs and Karjaa and the municipality of Pohja merged. The municipal councils decided on the merger on June 18, 2007. The city of Raseborg has 27,597 inhabitants, of which slightly more than half live in the area of ​​the pre-union city of Ekenäs. Raseborg is the 39th largest municipality in Finland in terms of population. 64.9 per cent of the residents of Raseborg are Swedish-speaking.

The name of the city comes from Raseborg Castle in Snappertuna on Ekenäs. Jouko Vahtola has considered that the Germans, who may have founded the castle, named the castle after the Diocese of Ratzeburg near Lübeck. Historically, the region has belonged to the province of Raseborg in the Middle Ages. A new coat of arms was chosen for the city on the basis of an invitation competition, which has been criticized for its indifference and selection procedures.

Of the Finnish municipalities, Raseborg has the sixth largest number of summer cottages. At the beginning of 2009, there were 6,200.

The neighboring municipalities of Raseborg are Hanko, Kemiönsaari, Salo, Inkoo and Lohja.



Raseborg Castle